Friday, April 15, 2011

it's that time of year...

Where I stay up later than I should because I'm "studying". 
I never actually feel like I accomplished anything other than getting caught up on emptying my inbox of old "Glamour" and "ESPN SportsCenter" emails. 
[yes, I realize those are complete opposite but I most definitely receive both newsletters. And read all of them.] 

Today, I allowed people to convince me to study with them. I agreed.

Why? I'm not quite sure because after about 10 minutes I remembered why I always study alone. It's because I hate people. And by that I mean I hate studying with other people. Unless they were a clone of me and have the exact same thought process. Actually, I love people. Just not when their brains don't mesh with mine and I'm trying to study. 

This is my brain on studying. And it's only day one. Oh, someone save me.

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