Sunday, February 27, 2011


"'Ye are a chosen generation.' How very true that is. Notwithstanding all of the problems that we have, this, I believe, is the greatest generation in the history of the world. And you young people are a part of it. You are the beneficiaries of it. Its fruits are here to bless your lives if you will grasp them and live worthy of them."  President Gordon B. Hinckley (Words of the Prophet: A Chosen Generation)

How many times in my life have I heard that I am a part of a chosen generation? I don't know that I could count the times. In fact, I have heard it so many times that at one part of my adolescence I despised the phrase. I hated when someone would tell me that I was part of a chosen generation and that I held great responsibility. [Not exactly what you want to hear as a teenager. I would much rather have been carefree; however, it has always been a charge I have considered at great length.]

Today was stake conference for me. [For those who are not members, this is just a large meeting of a bunch of wards (you go to church with the same people every week so that there is a consistency) where leaders within the church speak. It's a wonderful experience and really uplifting. To find out more about the church click here!] Prior to conference, I was privileged to attend a special meeting with Elder Leavitt of the Seventy [since there are so many members of the church, others are called under the Prophet to be in leadership positions] It was wonderfully uplifting and informative as he answered questions from our small group of about 30 people. There were a handful of nonmembers and it was fantastic to be a part of their learning of the church. One of the number one questions that was asked was, "Does God love everyone? No matter their circumstances?"

Elder Leavitt answered with a simple, "Yes." He talked of how God is perfect and so He loves perfectly. We, on the other hand, are not perfect and our love is imperfect. We get upset, we are quick to anger, we feel entitled, and our decisions alter the perspective that we are each a child of Heavenly Parents. He then spoke of the different circumstances we were each born into and how it was necessary for our progression. This is what brought about my thoughts on "A Chosen Generation."

I watched "The Patriot" this evening on tv and started wondering if I could have been courageous enough to step up and fight for our freedom. I still haven't come to a solid conclusion about that. I have come to the conclusion that I know that what Elder Leavitt spoke of, and anyone who has ever called this generation chosen, is true. I feel it with every fiber of my being. I don't know that I could have handled the fight for freedom but I also don't know that the people from that time could have handled the economic troubles, the war, and the troubles of our current situation. I firmly believe that we were sent here at this time and place to fulfill a mission, or a destiny, of sorts. Upon our shoulders rests the great responsibility to carry forth this world out of it's current trials and tribulations.

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden started forth a rolling stone. As generations have progressed, the responsibilities have grown. Our names, mine and yours, will be written in the history books beside the likes of George Washington, Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, and so many other great leaders. I am a future leader; you are a future leader. And together, we make the future and soon enough our children will come forth to lead.

My cousin Jared & I. Yep, you are looking at the leaders of today. Scary?

Friday, February 25, 2011

A cause for celebration!

For months now, I have been desperately trying to finish off this disgusting toothpaste that I accidentally bought (or someone gave it to me? I can't remember) It was surprisingly taking FOREVER. Especially considering how often I brush my teeth 
[anywhere from 2 to 5 times a day... What? I like it. And a clean mouth is essential. Have I ever told you how much I love the dentist? Someday I will.] 
And this morning I officially finished it! I now get to return to the gloriousness of my favorite toothpaste:

Yep. Colgate Total. PASTE. The only way to go in my opinion. Yes, I have tried others and they just don't do it for me like Colgate. We're in a pretty serious relationship. He just gets me. 
[and my obsession with white teeth and a clean, minty feeling for hours.]

Melt. My. Heart.

It's Friday night and rather than go hang out with my friend Jill and her cute guy friends or with my friend Hil at her place for a girl's night, I sat at home on my couch. Typing away and consequently turning in the worst paper I have ever written. [Forgive me if my sentences make no sense, if there are spelling errors, or if my sentences run on. My brain is fried.] 
Once I finished that stupid paper, I immediately set out to relax and enjoy myself. Naturally, I found some silly little chick flicks and sappy things that just... MELT. MY. HEART. So, if you are wanting to know what kinds of things melt my hear, read on. If not, stop reading. 

ok. First off, I have a disclaimer: the majority of these situations apply after I have KNOWN a guy. I would be rather freaked out if a random stranger did any of these. Although, remember how I get random compliments a lot? Like in this post? Those are generally fun, and welcome.

Courtesy of one of my favorite chick flick scenes from the movie "Monster-In-Law"

Charlotte 'Charlie': What color are my eyes? 
Dr. Kevin Fields: Well, at first glance your eyes are brown. But when the light hits them, they change to amber. And if you look really close around the iris, the color is pure honey. But when you look into the sun, they almost look green. That's my favorite. 

Cute, right?? Ok, next.

When a boy lets me wear his sweatshirt or jacket or shirt. Because I DO look good in it! Like in this song:

Thinking that boys actually thing things like in this song:

And...well, the list could go on but now I'm too tired to think. And I'm too excited about my new boots to think about boys. Wanna see them? CLICK HERE! 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Not for boys. Unless you want to know WAY more than you should.

Ladies, (really boys, stop reading now. You'll be embarrassed if you continue. And you will never want to look me in the eye again.) I did some calculating the other day instead of studying for my 2 hour exam that I ended up getting a 77 on. Poop. Anyway back to the calculations. It's about that time of the month again and I tend to get crazy. I never noticed it until these past 2 years or so because it has issue. I get emotional, needy, pissed off, crazy, cranky, happy, and so on and so forth. You name it...I experience it. And it SUCKS. So I started thinking about this and did a little math. Here it is:

So far, I have spent approximately 1.6 years of my life in this hormone induced hell. Every year I spend about 84 days as the mayor of crazyville.
If I start menopause around the age of 50, I will have spent about 8.2 years being psychotic. This means I have about 6.6 more years left.
Unfortunately, as I have NO idea how many children I will have, this does NOT include 9 months of pregnancy per child. 

Poop. Again.

I know that my Heavenly Father loves me but, REALLY?! I really want to know WHY all these ridiculously raging hormones are necessary. They make me all kinds of crazy. I feel bad for the poor man who I will marry. But he will put up with it. Sorry, love, it comes with the territory. (As much as you and I both wish it didn't.)
Oh, yes. thanks, google images.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Warning: Written by a hormone induced brain.

Remember this post? Maybe not. But I definitely do. I had a meeting today and this quote was read:

"Goals reflect the desires of our hearts and our vision of what we can accomplish."

The future is constantly on my mind. I keep thinking of what will happen within the next couple of months and every time I feel like I have a good grasp on everything, the rug gets pulled out from under me. I usually love change but right now I just want stability. And sometimes, something that feels like it should be right, is wrong, and when it ends you should feel better...and yet, the stability is suddenly gone and your life is thrown up in the air. That's where I am right now: Limbo. In between the end of something good and the beginning of something great; but it sucks. At times, floating around with nothing to really hold me down is so wonderful but I want that rock in my life; I know I have the gospel as that rock but I also have a lot of other "rocks" I feel in need of right now. That storm? The one I knew was inevitably coming? Well, it's definitely here.
Can maybe my future just be my present? 

[Well, Chelsea, it already is. Just so you know.]