Sunday, June 12, 2011


It's bad. And very dangerous. And unfortunately enjoyable and a way to convey your feelings towards someone else. But back to the dangerous part. It can give you Infectious Mononucleosis. The Kissing Disease. Wouldn't you know I got just that. Mono. I hate those four little letters together.

[Isn't interesting that we have 26 letters and we have managed to string them together to form words that mean things. Who decided what they mean, anyway? It's weird to imagine but any of these words that I'm typing and you are reading could mean something completely different.]

Back to why I hate the word mono. Not really so much the word, I guess, but more of what that word stands for. Me being sick and exhausted and unable to go on my mission for at least another 6 weeks. So my life has been thrown into what feels like a tornado while I try to make decisions.

You know when you make decisions and you feel as though you are making a right decision but there is something at the back of your mind that makes your stomach hurt and you aren't sure what the hell you are doing? That's where I'm at. In a tornado. And I'm feeling a little confused.

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