Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lessons on how to be a college student

Here are a few life lessons you will undoubtedly learn whilst in college:

0. At some point, your housing may go into foreclosure right before you are supposed to move in and then you have to live out of your car and sleep on the uncomfortable couch of a friend until you find a cheap place.

1. When a friend asks if you want to get food at one am, you go. Even if you are in your pajamas [which for me is underwear and a t-shirt] you throw on clothes that are acceptable to society (ie sweats) at one am and you enjoy eating fattening food.

2. Sometimes, your living situation is less than ideal. [since I am unaware of who actually reads my blog, if you want details (trust me, they're funny) you can email me. Or facebook. Whatevs.]

3. Sometimes, there is no room in your fridge because it's full of food that has gone bad and no one has cleaned it out.

4. Sometimes, you have to go buy your own dishes because dishes don't get washed very often so you need your own that you can use, wash, and put away but no one else will use.

5. Sometimes, you have to pay a heating bill of $140 split between 4 people because the "ghost" of where you are living mysteriously turns the heat up whenever someone turns their back. [since no one will own up to wanting the heat at 75 when it's 60 outside, there MUST be a ghost, right?]

6. Sometimes, you stay in the library til 2 am to finish a paper that is due at 8 am and end up seeing how far your friend can stand away from you and you still make an m&m into his mouth.

7. Sometimes, you have to make a run to the 24 hour grocery store at 1 am during finals week because your roommate who bought toilet paper last has moved out and subsequently taken it with her. [And when people overhear you saying you are locking the said toilet paper in your room so that it doesn't get used up as quickly, they think you are a dirty-good-for-nothing-toilet-paper-whore But they don't know you! Flip the bird and get outta there! Ok, don't necessarily flip them the bird. But know that it is an option...]

But you deal with it. It's called life. And it's funny when you look back at it. But at the moment...usually it's not very fun. [Or in the case of the food, it's not very fun for you waistline or your complexion when you are running on 4 hours of sleep]

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  1. Hahah i love you chels!!!! I especially love number 0! hah and i can relate with you on numbers 2 and 5 but good thing we're both getting out! YAY!!