Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Potentially mortifying[updated]

 Today, I had a potentially mortifying experience. I won't use names or places so as to keep this as anonymous as possible. And, I'm about 99.9% sure this person has no idea I even have a blog so the likelihood of him reading this are slim to none. I'm relying heavily on the none part...

It was sometime this morning and I was just chatting with some friends. One of them pipes up with the fact that she had recently seen a guy that, say the least...I'm fairly infatuated with, and she began to relate their conversation when my other friend pipes up with the fact that she too had seen him. She started saying where she had seen him and why it was a little awkward. 

Right as I begin to pipe in with, 
"I just love him. I would marry him in a heartbeat. Seriously." 
we hear behind us, 

"Oh, Hey. I thought I heard my name. How's it going?"

Why yes, Chelsea, the universe figured you had been having a hard enough time recently and cut you a break, allowing you to only say, "I just" before he rounded the corner and butted in. Thank you, Universe. It's about time you had enough decency to love me especially considering I got locked in a bathroom stall at the HBLL about a week ago.

[I tried to include a fun embarrassing picture to distract you from how mortified I was but I couldn't find a good one. Just know...I was mortified and can't imagine what I would be feeling had he heard me.] [Oh, and then later that day I coerced him into taking me to dinner. My dad says I shouldn't beg for dates but in all honesty I wasn't begging. I simply hinted at the fact that a girl needs to be fed and since I was sick I don't enjoy cooking for myself! Maybe I'll tell my blogging world how it went tomorrow. I'll do my best to not start singing this song. KIDDING.]

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