Friday, October 8, 2010


The word of the day is balance. 
For those of you who have read Eat Pray Love, you should know what I'm talking about. In the book, this woman leaves everything she has behind in search of balance. A balance between the physical world and the spiritual aspect of life. I finished reading the book last night and was so saddened that it ended. 

Usually, I power through books--especially if I enjoy them but this book took me much longer than usual to finish it. However, I feel it was best for me. I found a lot of things in that book that helped me personally at different times when I really needed to hear them but didn't want to listen to other people. I have always had this great desire to travel and find myself but am just too freaking poor! 

So, I lived vicariously through Elizabeth Gilbert. That being said, I also had to return to reality. And reality brought me a big fat bowl of "figure yourself out, Chelsea" for breakfast. So far today, I have seen 3 books that talk about balancing yourself and 2 of my professors discussed balance and it's importance in the here and now and in the eternities. I feel like this is my flashing sign of a hint from Heavenly Father that I need to figure some things out
 [that and I walked out of the house with two different colored moccasins on this afternoon. 
I'm always on top of these things. ]

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