Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chelsea Elizabeth Eversole.

This is a post about...Me. [Exciting, right!?]

You have the privilege of reading a bunch of random, useless junk about me. 

  • I have 3 major fears: Things IN the dark [like rapists, and monsters.], that mirrors are 2 way [imagine someone just watching your every move...creepy.], and somersaults [they give me panic attacks in my more recent years and I have never actually done one. Ever. See inserted video. Also, my beloved younger brother, Kyle, tried to teach me before I went to my freshman year of college and I freaked out so bad I started crying.].

  • I love to brush my teeth. Clean teeth are the best feeling ever. And I don't care how good your meal was, the leftover taste will not be good in 15 minutes.

  • Fall is my favorite season. I want to be married in October. I think it is the perfect time to have a wedding. And then I can have cute colors, too. [No, I don't have my whole wedding planned, I just know when I want to have it. So far, no luck. But someday.]

  • I like to collect 3 things: coffee mugs, jellybeans [as in I have a ton of packages of them and then eat them alllllll the time. In fact, I could probably identify any of the Jelly Belly flavors with my eyes closed.], and socks [See next bullet]. 

  • I love socks. I have all sorts of colors and I love that they keep my feet warm. When it comes to socks, the only requirement is that they be the same height. [Sorry, Dad. I don't fold my socks; it takes too much time!...and I just pull two out of my drawer to wear.]

  • I am very much attracted to feet in socks. It's strange, I know. Especially guys' feet. I think guys have mostly ugly feet unless they have socks on. Girls tend to have cuter feet when bare. [But if a guy showed up at my house in socks, holding a coffee mug full of jelly beans...He would most definitely steal my heart. As long as I know them...if some creepy guy just showed up....I would probably take the coffee mug and shut the door.]

  • When I was younger, my family moved to Arizona from Colorado. I introduced myself to everyone as follows, "Hi, I'm Chelsea Bizzy-Butt Eversole and we from the hills." Yes. I truly did. [My parents still call my Bizzy-Butt and it rings true with the type of life I lead!]

  • I am the clumsiest person on the face of the earth. I once had a kid point out that I have more scars than he is old. And by kid I mean someone in their 30's. [When I was 7 I tripped and broke my nose, I trip up stairs on a daily basis, and once I fell down an entire flight of stairs and my dad informed me I was going to be late and to stop messing around. It was just a common occurrence. And I wasn't allowed to have anything that had color to it whilst inside the house....All of my childhood pictures have me covered in 1. dirt, 2. colored juice, 3. some sort of food.]

  • I love food. Always have. My parents used to call me Miss Piggy. Adding to that was the fact that every once in a while I snort when I laugh. It happens. [That's my life motto. Embarrassing things follow me. Once, I was racing my best friend to the bathrooms at Wal-Mart and went in the wrong one. It was during Christmas time and there was a huge line at the Customer Service desk. A Chinese man chased us out yelling in Chinese.]
Those are a select few things that make me, ME. And it was actually really long. Sorry. I tend to talk about myself a lot but only on days that end in Y.

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