Wednesday, October 6, 2010


My first official blog post.
[I feel so cool.]
I have wanted a blog for so long! I just have never gotten around to it because I was worried I would do it wrong. But then I realized it's mine and anyone who thinks I am doing it wrong can shove it!
Or just not ever read my blog.
The title of my blog was inspired today by my first ever trip to Cocoa Bean (
Needless to say, I had a cupcake for dinner.
And only a cupcake.
[As my mom pointed out: "Chocolate-vegetable, it comes from a bean. Flour-grain. Egg-protein. Yep, have a cup of juice and it's a meal."] Mother's know best.
A red velvet cupcake that completely rocked my world.
Not only did I have a life altering cupcake, but I was able to enjoy it with two of my favorite people in the entire world!
Christine & Albert.
Who didn't know each other until tonight. But they are both completely awesome.
[Christine and I met our freshmen year of college because my mother wanted me to make new friends and grabbed the closest person: Christine. It's been fabulous ever since! Thanks, Mom!]
[Albert. I love this guy! We were RA's together. And totally rocked at it. We bonded over late night runs to Beto's for fantastic and fantastically cheap Mexican food...Our relationship is based off of food mostly. Which I am totally ok with.]
Anyway, back to the reason behind my blog title. Cupcakes are...heavenly.
They are such a fantastic break. So, since eating one everyday would make me...pleasantly plump with a little extra loving, I have decided to make a blog called cupcake break so I can take one everyday.
All in all, my day was a success. Minus the 67 I got in my Living with Plants class. And my cold. But a cupcake totally makes up for that.

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