Monday, November 15, 2010

Webster's New World college Dictionary. [4th Edition]

So, about a week and a half or so ago
[ok, sometime recently I don't really know when {I actually know the exact
 day but don't want to admit it}] 
I met someone. And I described them as intimidating. Which is weird for me since I don't think I have ever used that word to describe someone in reference to how I feel about them. In fact, I even pulled out my dictionary
[yes, I do own an actual dictionary and I don't just use the internet. NERD? Maybe.] 
and looked the word intimidate up. And promptly rethought my usage.

intimidate: 1. to make timid; make afraid; daunt. 2. to force or deter 
with threats or violence; cow. 

I don't find this person intimidating...I find them...some other word. I even used the thesaurus to try and find what I want to say but couldn't find the right word. I'm intrigued, in awe, and impressed with. This person makes ME feel reserved 
[say wha!?]
and bashful. 
[How does that even happen?] 
Needless to say, I am greatly impressed and I guess yes, intimidated for the use of daunted, by them. I suppose I should take this experience and embrace it. I hope that I get to know this person better
[although I know I will always be intimidated when I'm with them] 
so that I can learn to be as inspiring. 

Not only has this person successfully made me feel bashful and reserved, but they made me remember my beloved dictionary.
[I have to admit that I have most definitely tried to read the entire dictionary before...
I made it to the letter D before my brothers found out and told everyone at school where 
I was teased so much that I stopped reading it. 
And now everyone who forgot that 
{who bothers to read this blog} 
will tease me about it all over again. 
But I actually am impressed with me 12 year old self so it's ok.] 

I am a such a nerd. Self proclaimed nerd. I love words. I find them really fascinating. Weird? Well, DUH, but really fun...for a nerd like me. Thinking of words of course got me back into trying to figure out my word. 
[like how in Eat, Pray, Love the author finds out what the one word she 
would use to describe herself would be. I'm still trying to figure mine out]. 

Any ideas?! Maybe I'll start reading the dictionary again to find one. 

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  1. I LOVE words. Let's eat cupcakes and talk about words, specifically "our" words together.