Monday, November 8, 2010


Oh, hi. It's a Monday night. And what am I doing? Yes. Not homework. Instead, I am listening to Josh Groban (Holiday) & Jamie Cullum mix on Pandora. It's fabulous and you should make that exact custom mix. I won't judge you for copying me.
Newest love of my life:
[thanks, google images. Jamie Cullum, ladies & gents. {if only I had a REAL picture of him. That would mean I would have been in person with this amazing talent... can you imagine!?}]

What I should be doing is studying Ecology. More specifically: populations. BUHH-ORRRR-INNNNG. Instead, I am in my leggings, my Christmas sweatshirt from the DI, my wool socks and I am dancing around my room to the best music ever. (see above if you weren't paying attention!) I love the awesome jazzy style. And the piano. OH, it speaks to my soul!

I have also been doing my fair share of blog stalking hoping to receive amazing inspirations. Which I have. Thanks, blog world. Soon, I will post about my creations. But for now, I shouldn't be on here and am so I have to be quick. Wish I could stay longer! If you have fabulous music suggestions, throw them my way. I love music.



  1. I won't judge you for making me that mix. But I would love you for it. Also.. lets do some of these creations together

  2. Mmmm. He sounds lovely.
    I also feel like we should play soon.