Thursday, November 4, 2010

You're Gonna Be...

Yes, I changed the name of my blog. As much as I love cupcakes, I decided on something different. Maybe it's because I'm in the kind of mood where I am feeling nostalgic, but I chose Dandelion Fluff. Why? Well, that's a little more difficult to explain. I don't know about you, but when I hear dandelion fluff, I think of my childhood. I remember being out in my yard and being ecstatic to find a full white dandelion that I could send my wishes out on through the air, hoping that some universal power would find my wishes scattered across the world and make them come true.[Did you ever accidentally snort them up your nose, or was that just me?] My imagination was alive with possibilities; I was whoever and whatever I wanted to be. Maybe that's what I'm hoping for now; that someone out there will find my wishes floating along and grant them; that I can keep my imagination of who I am and will be close at hand since I suddenly find myself an "adult".
[I adore this picture. I don't know who took it; I found it online and it takes me into a new world everytime!]

I was thinking today about growing up. I have to say...I don't really care for it too much. I don't like bills, groceries, laundry, work...the list goes on. As I was considering finding a way to build a time machine, I thought about my future [remember, I blogged about it last time? And was so excited?] and decided I wouldn't want to go back. I loved being a kid. [High school is a different story] But would I want to go back to being blissfully unaware of so many things? [Well, YES, but that's not the point]. Look at where I am now. I am that person that I dreamed of being as a little girl. I support myself, I'm at an esteemed university, I have the most loving family and friends I could ever ask possibilities are endless still. What struck me the most through this thought process was the people in my life; and the people from my past who didn't quite make it to my future. [Thank you, by the way. Most of you I don't talk to anymore but you certainly shaped me into who I am. It was hard and I didn't see the value in the way I was treated but now, I owe you my life. You may not be in my life anymore {for good reason} but know that you were a catalyst in bringing to pass this beautiful, bright {young}woman with an equally bright and beautiful future.]

I found a song that I forgot I love and couldn't help but think how well it works with my thoughts for the day. It's "You're Gonna Be..." by Reba McEntire. [I would post a link to the video but the video doesn't have really anything to with my thoughts! You can youtube it yourself if you like.] I won't share ALL the lyrics because that would be long and annoying but here's a couple lines:

You're gonna fly with every dream you chase
You're gonna cry, but know that that's okay
Sometimes life's not fair, but if you hang in there
You're gonna see that sometimes bad is good
We just have to believe things work out like they should
Life has no guarantees, but always loved by me
You're gonna be...

I couldn't help but think of my parents; both here on earth and my Heavenly Father and Mother. When I read this, or hear the song, I know that that is exactly how the feel for me. That is the greatest comfort I could have. 

Cause anything worth doing is worth doing all the way
Just know you'll have to live with all
the choices that you make
So make sure you're always givin' way
more than you're takin' 

I know that life isn't easy or fair [no matter how many dandelions I wish on] but that it is MY life. I have learned from my parents that truly anything worth doing is worth doing all the way. I'm not a quitter. I am stubborn and that's why I know I'll make it in this life. I'm too stubborn to let a perfectly good life go to waste. I make mistakes [a lot more than I would like to admit] but that's ok. Even though I am growing up, there are a lot of child like attributes I know I need to keep around for the rest of my life. [Know that there is always a small {albeit fiesty} little girl inside of me that loves to goof around, make silly faces, wrestle her brothers, and make awkward moments.]
1. Be ridiculous with my brothers. Say awkward things with them, make funny faces in ALL our family pictures, and be obnoxious when in stores and public places.

2. Call my mommy and daddy when something goes horrible wrong [even if it is just to tell them and I have already corrected the problem. I should get some sympathy! {and yes, still call them mommy and daddy whenever I want}]

3. Change my clothes about 15 times a day. [this has gotten a little pricier as I am the one doing laundry now...but I just can't resist. I like to be comfortable and my comfort level changes a lot!]

4. Jump in puddles and on crunchy leaves. [Dancing in the rain is always a must as well]

5. Swing on the swings.

6. Sing off key, out of tune, and make up my own words to any song I please.

7. Love and trust unconditionally.

8. Remember to give hugs and affection to anyone and anything. [I distinctly recall having talked to every inanimate object I owned when I was younger and thanking them and telling them stories...]

9. Laughing. And smiling. Always. [or when there is a time for tears, cry, find a new interest or toy and promptly forget that I was crying.]

10. Trust in the Lord, pray always, and bear my testimony as often as I get the chance.

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