Sunday, February 27, 2011


"'Ye are a chosen generation.' How very true that is. Notwithstanding all of the problems that we have, this, I believe, is the greatest generation in the history of the world. And you young people are a part of it. You are the beneficiaries of it. Its fruits are here to bless your lives if you will grasp them and live worthy of them."  President Gordon B. Hinckley (Words of the Prophet: A Chosen Generation)

How many times in my life have I heard that I am a part of a chosen generation? I don't know that I could count the times. In fact, I have heard it so many times that at one part of my adolescence I despised the phrase. I hated when someone would tell me that I was part of a chosen generation and that I held great responsibility. [Not exactly what you want to hear as a teenager. I would much rather have been carefree; however, it has always been a charge I have considered at great length.]

Today was stake conference for me. [For those who are not members, this is just a large meeting of a bunch of wards (you go to church with the same people every week so that there is a consistency) where leaders within the church speak. It's a wonderful experience and really uplifting. To find out more about the church click here!] Prior to conference, I was privileged to attend a special meeting with Elder Leavitt of the Seventy [since there are so many members of the church, others are called under the Prophet to be in leadership positions] It was wonderfully uplifting and informative as he answered questions from our small group of about 30 people. There were a handful of nonmembers and it was fantastic to be a part of their learning of the church. One of the number one questions that was asked was, "Does God love everyone? No matter their circumstances?"

Elder Leavitt answered with a simple, "Yes." He talked of how God is perfect and so He loves perfectly. We, on the other hand, are not perfect and our love is imperfect. We get upset, we are quick to anger, we feel entitled, and our decisions alter the perspective that we are each a child of Heavenly Parents. He then spoke of the different circumstances we were each born into and how it was necessary for our progression. This is what brought about my thoughts on "A Chosen Generation."

I watched "The Patriot" this evening on tv and started wondering if I could have been courageous enough to step up and fight for our freedom. I still haven't come to a solid conclusion about that. I have come to the conclusion that I know that what Elder Leavitt spoke of, and anyone who has ever called this generation chosen, is true. I feel it with every fiber of my being. I don't know that I could have handled the fight for freedom but I also don't know that the people from that time could have handled the economic troubles, the war, and the troubles of our current situation. I firmly believe that we were sent here at this time and place to fulfill a mission, or a destiny, of sorts. Upon our shoulders rests the great responsibility to carry forth this world out of it's current trials and tribulations.

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden started forth a rolling stone. As generations have progressed, the responsibilities have grown. Our names, mine and yours, will be written in the history books beside the likes of George Washington, Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, and so many other great leaders. I am a future leader; you are a future leader. And together, we make the future and soon enough our children will come forth to lead.

My cousin Jared & I. Yep, you are looking at the leaders of today. Scary?

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